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Box 34, 825 21 IGGESUND
Tel. + 46 650 - 700 03.
E-mail. info@shteknik.com

We develop, market and sell auxiliary equipment to black liqueur recovery boilers. Mainly, we market 2 products:

PeTo1, is a patented construction complete with a rodding robot. It is Pneumatic operated, for automatic cleaning of black liqueur guns in recovery boilers.

OB-tvätt, is a cleaning device for (oil) fuel burner systems in recovery boilers.

News !
June 2005

Important Information

Sodahusteknik AB and Kvaerner Power AB has signed an agreement that Kvaerner Power AB will overtake all of Shtekniks products. All products, spare parts, service and support will be handled by Kvaerner Power AB in the future.

Shteknik AB will fulfil all obligations towards our customers and during a period of time continue our services on the behalf of Kvaerner Power AB like assist new and existing customer until new contacts from Kvaerner Power AB has been selected.

More information to all of Shteknik AB´s existing customers will come soon. We would like to thank all customers for the nice reception given to us.

Billerud, Karlsborg ordered 4 pcs of Peto1.

Stora Enso, Norrsundets Bruk ordered 1 pcs of Peto1.

Södra Cell, Mörrums bruk has ordered 10 pcs of PeTo1.

We now got an agent in North America, His name is Jan-Erik Jonsson and you can Email him at the following adress: Itcom1@cs.com or jan-erik@shteknik.com

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