PeTo 1 is a patented construction for automatic, remote controlled cleaning of black liqueur guns, complete with a rodding robot. PeTo 1 is controlled either from a computer-processed surveillance, or with an ordinary regulator (like ECA40) from a control panel.

The rodding robot is equipped with a cleaning device at the front. The device does not interfere with the mouthpiece and does not affect the spreading of the black liqueur. Installation of PeTo 1 is possible when the recovery boiler is in operation and maintenance work can be done with no disturbance to the production. PeTo 1 is certified according to: CE

Overview of a complete installation.

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Cabinet Cleaning device... Cylinder....

Down below, 3 sketches of the PeTo 1 working.

Robot and cleaning device at its initial sequence and some pollution at the mouthpiece.

Click here for a overview of the cleaning device

Robot and cleaning device at its "cleaning" sequence.

Robot and cleaning device returning back.

Benefits !

Benefits that we´ve seen after mounting PeTo 1 are:

- Lower thermal stresses
- Almost no fuel bed instabilities.
- Reduced oil consumption
- Lower discharge of H2S and CO
- Less maintenance on the primary rodding robots

Benefits that should occur with constantly clean mouthpieces:

- Lower excess air necessary for complete combustion
- Minimized particulate carryover and unburned char
- Minimized emissions of NOx

( When using PeTo 1, the angle of the black liquor gun could be set between 0 to minus 20 degrees. Tests performed at Iggesund / Sweden shows that a lower angle results in lower NOx from the recovery boiler. )

PeTo 1 is therefore a good tool, to reduce the amount of NOx from your recovery boiler.

Another important aspect, is that the risk for accidents is reduced. This is because the operators do not have to visit the risky spots as often. A good example of this are the loopholes.

Please contact us if you would like more information on PeTo 1.

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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